Family Friendly

Lead your church, group or family to discover victorious faith and love that conquered Communist prisons. The video-based group study brings any believer along the path followed by so many of our persecuted brothers and sisters. Your group will discuss and discover what it means to truly stand for Christ, to evangelize even our “enemies” and to fully forgive and even love our persecutors. Each of the six video sessions includes scenes from the critically-acclaimed film Tortured for Christ, as well as discussion from VOM President Cole Richards and former prisoner-for-Christ Petr Jasek.


  • 1. Tortured for Christ: Who will stand for Christ? (17m)

    Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand - and many others - paid a high price to stand for Christ during the Nazi occupation of Romania. Making a choice to stand... more

  • 2. Tortured for Christ: Evangelizing the Invader (17m)

    When the Russian army rolled into Romania, Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand knew there would be trouble ahead. Yet the Lord had prepared them for the horr... more

  • 3. Tortured for Christ: The Underground Church (14m)

    Through their faith community that became known as the underground church, believers in Romania continued to gather together, meet one another's needs... more

  • 4. Tortured for Christ: Leap Year (17m)

    Try to imagine how shocking it would be to walk down the street and, in an instant, become utterly powerless, or to be pulled out of a boarding line a... more

  • 5. Tortured for Christ: The Pastor's Wife (14m)

    Like her husband, Sabina Wurmbrand had a compelling calling to share the love of Christ with everyone she could. Even the dire consequences that likel... more

  • 6. Tortured for Christ: Where did I leave off? (15m)

    When we are dedicated to following Jesus with all our heart, mind, and strength, we are spending our lives in a way that counts for eternity. Do we co... more